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Frequently asked questions.

Here are some helpful hints in your search for a domain name: 

  1. Make the name memorable & brandable 

The most recognisable brands in the world have unique, marketable brand names. Can you imagine if “” was called “”? This example proves how important it is to pick a catchy domain name.  

  1. Stay away from numbers and double letters 

As your business begins to grow, your visitors will begin to spread the word, and recommend the site to their friends, family, or colleagues. If someone hears your site name which includes a number, they will not know whether the number is a digit, or if it is spelt out. The same principle applies with double letters. 

  1. Keep your domain name short 

It is recommended that your domain name be no longer than 15 characters, as anything over can often be difficult for people to remember. A lengthy domain name leaves more room for users to make typos, and can therefore lead to a loss in traffic.