Want to own a domain name? Here’s how


A domain name is the address of your website that users type in their URL bar to visit your site. Owning a high-quality domain name is an essential part of any successful online business, and is something that should not be overlooked in its importance.

While it is very rewarding to own a premium domain name, the process to ownership can be time very time consuming. Thankfully, Domain Pilot’s purpose is to minimise the longevity of this process, and ensure that your online business begins selling as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are an aspiring domain owner, this article will be perfect for you. Here are the 4 steps that are standing between you and domain ownership.

1. Check the availability of your domain name

Every single day, over 100,000 new domain names are registered across the world. This suggests that many aspiring website owners will not be able to have their number one pick at a domain name. If your original name is already taken, do not panic. Consider other options such as acronyms or slight name variations. Use this service to check the availability of your preferred domain name.

2. Analyse available names and make a decision

Once you have found a domain name that you like, it is crucial to make sure that the name is an appropriate fit for your business. It is important to remember that high-level domain names are relevant, timely, and easy to remember. Listed below are three strategies that you can use to make sure that your domain name is a premium fit for your business.

2.1 Make the name memorable & brandable

The most recognisable brands in the world have unique, marketable brand names. Can you imagine if “Google.com” was called “OnlineSearchEngine.com”? This example proves how important it is to pick a catchy domain name.

2.2 Stay away from numbers and double letters

As your business begins to grow, your visitors will begin to spread the word, and recommend the site to their friends, family, or colleagues. If someone hears your site name which includes a number, they will not know whether the number is a digit, or if it is spelt out. The same principle applies with double letters.

2.3 Keep your domain name short

It is recommended that your domain name be no longer than 15 characters, as anything over can often be difficult for people to remember. A lengthy domain name leaves more room for users to make typos, and can therefore lead to a loss in traffic.

While picking a domain name may seem like a daunting task, it is important to note that Domain Pilot helps its clients through this process; Our SEO experts will guide you in the right direction, and ensure that your domain name matches your business needs.

3. Registering your domain name

Once a final decision has been made regarding the domain name, the registration process will formally begin. While this process will be undertaken by Domain Pilot on behalf of the client, it is important that our clients understand what is going on.

Essentially, Domain Pilot’s team will go through the formal process of registering your domain. This will be done in conjunction with the Australian Domain Name Administrator (AuDa)’s policy on domain registration. This process is very safe and highly regulated, meaning that your domain name will be secure for the length of time that you purchase it for.

4. Verify your ownership

Once your preferred domain name has been registered, you will have to undertake a verification process. You will receive an e-mail, and be required to confirm your ownership of the relevant domain.


There is no doubt about it. Owning your own domain name can be very rewarding. With this being said, the process leading to ownership can be very complex and time consuming without the proper help. Fortunately, Domain Pilot’s motivated team is prepared to assist you throughout the process, and ensure that your online business meets its performance related goals.

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