The Art of Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

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Getting the perfect domain name is key to launching a successful website. Whether you are creating a business website, a community page, or a personal blog, having the ideal domain address is important. Your domain name is technically your virtual address. But it is more than an address to direct your audience to you, it represents the website as well as your company and brand. The domain name should also be unique, easy to recall, and marketable.

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Here are some tips for choosing the perfect domain name for your website.

  1. Shorter is better – Keep your domain name as short as possible. Shorter names are easier to read and recall. It will eliminate misdirection due to mistyping or misspelling the address. Eight to ten characters is about the right length. If you cannot find a short domain name have one that is brandable instead.
  2. Prefer the .com – .coms are called the legacy domains and .com is still the most powerful domain extension. The .com or commercial extension is the most flexible, recognised, and reputable of all. It is recognised internationally and across all industries and niches.
  3. Directly related to your business, niche, or brand – Pick a name that will represent your website. The domain name is your intro to the world. It is the first thing that everyone will know about you and your company. Use your brand, as much as possible.
  4. Use keywords – Use words that are relatable to your service, products, or niche. If you are a real estate company, use words that relate or are relevant to the industry. This will improve the credibility and repute of your website and also boost your SEO.
  5. Avoid complicated spelling – Simplify your domain name as much as possible. Use short and simple words. Avoid complicated spelling like interchanging like-sounding letters – k for c, z for s, or adding letters to make the name unique. Also, avoid adding numbers and symbols like hyphens or periods.
  6. Pick the applicable extension – Domain extensions are part of the name and signify the type of website they are representing. The .com extension signifies a commercial website. It is also the most acceptable and credible extension worldwide. Other popular extensions and meanings include the .net for network, .org for organisations, and .co for company. Country extensions are indicative of the company or organisation’s location and are often used for government website and local businesses.
  7. Make sure it’s free – Your domain name will become an integral part of your branding and business identity. Thus, ensuring that it is free of all encumbrances is important. Do your research. Make sure it is not copyrighted, trademarked, or being used by another organisation. Legal proceedings are costly and cumbersome.
  8. Act fast – Millions around the world are looking for the perfect domain name every day. If you come across a name that is free and will fit the website that you are going to build – take it off the market at once!
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Finding the perfect domain name will take some thought and consideration. And when you find the one, make sure to protect it. Buy the name and take precaution by purchasing the domain name in all relevant extensions. Protect your brand by acquiring the .com, .net, .org, and other relevant extensions. Learn more about domain names here or start looking for the best domain names available for you now!

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