6 Attributes of a Good Business Domain Name

picking the perfect business domain name

Picking a good business domain name is the first step to a successful business website. This process is easy enough if you already have a registered and established brand you can use for your website’s domain. However, it gets tricky if you are just starting out or somebody else already owns your preferred domain name with your brand on it.

Here are six characteristics of a great business domain name to help you pick the right one for your business.

Short and simple

Keep it short and simple. Avoid complicated spellings, double letters, and multiple words. It can be just the name of your company or your brand. A 10–15-character name for a domain is ideal. Longer names are harder to recall and might be confusing to users. As much as possible, use your brand or company name. Too obvious and too far-fetched names might diminish credibility.

world business domain name

It’s a .com

The .com domain extension signifies a commercial or business website. This is also the most popular extension that is recognised worldwide. A .com extension is applicable to all websites regardless of industry, genre, and niche. To avoid confusion and to protect your brand, you can also buy the .net, .org, the industry-specific, and the country-specific extension in addition to your main domain name.

Unique and brandable

Your business domain name should be unique in the sense that people will instantly identify it with your company. Brandable names are not recognised English words like Facebook, Netflix, and Skype. Realtor.com holds more credibility than findyourperfecthome.com. Brandable names are distinct, catchy, and suited to the company and industry. Examples of great websites with brandable names are Amazon.com, Etsy.com, and Youtube.com.

Easy to recall

Pick a domain name that will not give your customers a hard time remembering. Short and simple domain names get more recall than long and complicated ones. Use your brand or company name if you already have an established one. If you are still starting, try to come up with a memorable and brandable name. Not a few companies have rebranded into a catchier name when starting a website.

picking the perfect business domain name

Stick to letters

Characters in a domain name will complicate and reduce its recallability. Adding dots, dashes, numbers, and other special characters to the domain name is confusing. Also, hyphens have been associated with shady and bogus websites trying to impersonate legit websites using the same domain names but adding characters to make them unique.

Appropriate extension

Domain extensions and their significance matter a lot in choosing the right domain name for your business. While .com is the safest pick, opting for another extension may prove instrumental to the website’s success. Industry-specific extensions like .photography, .attorney, and .café will help you focus on your intended audience. While country-specific extensions like .au, .us, and .ca work for businesses with location-centric business operations. Learn more about domain extensions here.


Your goal is to have people typing down your website from the top of their heads. This is more likely if your website domain name is simple, short, catchy, and unique. While the .com extension is a safe pick, choosing a more appropriate one is beneficial to some businesses. Lastly, pick a business domain name that is brandable and will directly relate to your line of business or industry.

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