How to Build a Beautiful Website on a Budget

Can you build a well-designed and effective website on a budget? Costs are one of the top concerns of small businesses when planning to build a website. While it is a significant factor, it should not hinder you from creating a beautiful website. A beautiful, well-designed, and functional website is a great representation of a…

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Basic Steps to Strengthen Website Security

website security threat

Getting hacked or attacked online are some of the worst thing that could happen to a flourishing website. Data breaches, Hackers can take your website hostage, taking control of it until you pay them a ransom. There is also the possibility of messing up your website and losing everything you’ve worked on it. Owners should…

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Web Hosting 101: A Primer

web hosting

Aside from getting a domain name, you will also need web hosting to launch your website. People often confuse web hosting with domain and are surprised to realise the need to pay for another expense. Web hosting is a separate element to website building. Here are the most common questions about web hosting. What is…

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12 reasons why you must have a website

Websites dominate the internet. They are vital to the running of many businesses, and post-covid, are often the primary way businesses sell to their customers. Online there is a lot of potential to build your customer base and expand to new markets. Often a website is the center of all of this. So, if you…

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7 Steps to Jumpstart your Online Selling

ecommerce online selling

The world is slowly shifting to the virtual sphere. More and more aspects of our daily life are migrating online. Major communications, socialisation, and business processes are now done over the internet. The latest push towards online shopping was brought about by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while the pandemic is waning, online…

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7 Advantages of a Website for Your Local Business

online business search

Online presence is no longer optional in this day and age of the world wide web. People nowadays are virtually online for most of their daily activities. Studying, socialising, entertainment, communication, and shopping are the top reasons people go online. Creating a website for your local business is easy, cheap, and fast. The benefits you…

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Technology is changing e-commerce. How can you make sure that your business doesn’t get left behind?

One interesting by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic has been witnessing the methods used by businesses to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Innovation has been rampant, with companies doing whatever they can to build their consumer base.   To put it simply, businesses have spent the past year streamlining their approaches in order to cater to a generation of people who are leaving their home much less. As a result of this, new technologies…

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5 Easy Steps to Start a Personal Blog

Blogging or a personal blog is the present-day version of journalising. People have always been writing down records of events, ideas, and plans. We have unearthed diaries and journals of people from the past, getting insights on how they’ve lived and their viewpoint at the time. Blogging today is not only a way of keeping…

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