6 Attributes of a Good Business Domain Name

picking the perfect business domain name

Picking a good business domain name is the first step to a successful business website. This process is easy enough if you already have a registered and established brand you can use for your website’s domain. However, it gets tricky if you are just starting out or somebody else already owns your preferred domain name…

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8 Effective Business Blogging Tips for Starters

business blog writing

A blog page is a must for all business websites. Businesses that fail to develop an active blog page is missing a lot in terms of great business opportunities. A business blog is instrumental in driving traffic to the website and in boosting its ranking in search results. A blog is also the ideal channel…

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Different Domain Extensions and Their Significance

domain name extensions

Choosing the domain name extension is just as important as deciding on the website name. Different domain extensions indicate different website types and niches. The extension can either captivate or throw off your prospect audience. When the internet was launched, there were only six domain extensions – .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, and .mil. Today,…

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The Art of Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Getting the perfect domain name is key to launching a successful website. Whether you are creating a business website, a community page, or a personal blog, having the ideal domain address is important. Your domain name is technically your virtual address. But it is more than an address to direct your audience to you, it…

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What is a domain? The beginner’s guide

When first starting out with the internet and putting your business online you will likely have encountered a lot of buzz words and technical terms that are confusing. Many of them are for something important but can be complicated to get your head around when you are first starting out. Among them are domains, and…

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5 customer retention strategies that your business can use

You may have heard of the term customer retention. It refers to the methods that businesses use in order to turn customers into repeat buyers. According to Market Metrics, the success rate of selling to a new customer ranges from about 5%-20%. Comparatively, businesses have a 60%-70% chance of selling to an existing consumer. Unfortunately,…

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4 creative ways to organically generate more revenue

In today’s overcrowded digital marketplace, it can be exceptionally difficult for businesses to get ahead of their competition. Fortunately, there are some low-cost strategies that you can implement in order to help your business achieve a favourable market share. Here are 4 ways that your business can organically generate more revenue. Consult SEO professionals Search…

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Want to own a domain name? Here’s how

A domain name is the address of your website that users type in their URL bar to visit your site. Owning a high-quality domain name is an essential part of any successful online business, and is something that should not be overlooked in its importance. While it is very rewarding to own a premium domain…

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